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    The Shattered Era [T]

    GMed by Greiger and Co-GMed by Sir Bastian

    Note: All SUs are to be posted here.

    Maverick Renos
    Location: Markus

    The city was dark and silent. There were no candles lit in the houses, no pokemon conversing with each other, and no civilians were on the streets. Curfew was not yet over. The only pokemon that had a right to walk the streets were those that wore armor that would shine under the sunlight. If a pokemon had been out when curfew had started they would have escorted back to their house. This far into curfew, however, would have the Knights arrest and jail them for suspicious activity.

    It’s just what our world is, the Grovyle thought to himself as he stared up at the stone ceiling from his bed. Ever since meeting Matthew Wilger, Maverick had slowly begun to ponder just what his friend would tell him. How certain laws that had kept them safe had in fact harmed them. Matthew had called up many examples whenever he and Maverick talked. At first, Maverick had been slow to accept that the Council had been doing anything but wrong. Ever since he was but a lad he had always been taught that the laws of the land kept them safe. It was true. There had been no famines, no plagues, and no other signs that showed that the Legendaries were upset at them. Still, after so much time spent with his friend, Maverick couldn’t say that he still had a firm belief in those thoughts, but just thinking about the Council in that way greatly disturbed the Grovyle.

    Maverick slowly got up and stretched his body. He walked to the room where he hung his armor passing neat and clean rooms that only held the bare necessities a Knight would need. The Grovyle’s armor was a pure white color, a symbol of the chastity he vowed he would keep when he had become the leader of the Knights of the Oran, with an oran berry designed on the front. The armor was of a light material that would allow Maverick to use his speed in battle. The armor consisted of a white sleeveless breastplate that covered his chest and back. He wore a pair of gauntlets the protected his forearms as well as a pair of greaves that had a unique design. Unlike most that were worn like pants and protected all of a user’s lower body Maverick’s only protected the front of his thighs and calves, and had straps that would make sure the greaves wouldn’t fall off. The last component was his helmet that was contoured to the shape of his head and specially crafted to allow his head leaf to emerge though an opening on top.

    Once he had finished placing his armor on the Grovyle stepped out into the darkness and began to head to Council’s chambers. The city around him was completely made out of stone. The housing district had row upon row of identical buildings that were all made out of the same colored stone. The only way one could tell the houses apart was from the numbers that were marked on each one. The dirt roads that were in all cities had hardened the bottom of Maverick’s feet to the point that he couldn’t even feel any of the rocks he would step on. The Knights on patrol stopped and gave small bows to him whenever he passed. He simply nodded at them, he was still a bit drowsy to do anything else. After walking for some time Maverick finally got to the entrance of the Chambers. The building itself was huge and since it was taller than all the other buildings in Markus it was pretty hard to miss. Unlike the rest of the stone city the Chambers had been built from red-colored stone and was a good three stories tall. It was only natural for the council to have the one building that stood out.

    Maverick opened the door and was approached by the foot washer. As was customary for whenever entering a place of business and the Chambers Maverick held up one foot after the other and allowed his feet to be cleansed. Thanking the Croconaw Maverick continued into the lobby. There were only a few guards present on the ground floor who each bowed to him. The lobby itself was huge and the largest floor in the Chambers and was able to hold a good five hundred pokemon, or so he had heard. Off to the side Maverick noticed some pokemon readying the food that was always served to the Knights early in the morning, but he didn’t have time for breakfast. Maverick continued walking until he was before the first flight of stairs. Truth be told, Maverick always hated the stairs in the Chambers. It didn’t help that instead of having a psychic to teleport him up he had to climb each and every step all the way up to the third floor to reach the Council. Only those on the Council were allowed to teleport up so he ascended, yet again.

    The second floor had one hallway that branched off into multiple hallways that held the places where pokemon who worked for the Council would write papers or act as staff for whatever jobs the Council needed.

    There were two staircases to the third floor and, of course, Maverick took the closest one. Once he was on the third floor Maverick walked past the small crowd of ten Knights who were the Council’s sworn protection and stopped at the stone door at the end of the hallway and knocked three times. The door’s creaked open and an abra stood on the other side, “Sir Renos, the Council is right now in a discussion.”

    “Thank you Samuel.”

    There was a small room off to the side that Samuel hurried back to as Maverick stood at attention near the doorway. The room held five chairs that were arranged in a circle. In each sat a Council member and right now Matthew had the field.

    “-And that’s why the curfew should be reduced!”

    Joshua smirked, “But what about murders happening in the dark then? What happens if a citizen walks home alone, in the dark, and is attacked? It’s much easier to miss events happening in darkness Matthew. And if that happens, then more and more attacks will happen. It’s just in some pokemon’s nature to attack the weak. Just look at the incident last week. A poor Bayleef almost killed because she wandered out and met the wrong person at the wrong time.”

    Fergo sighed, “What you say is true Joshua. We have been arguing this issue for five days now, more than enough time to form our opinions. How many say yea to the issue of reducing the curfew by one minute?”

    Matthew was the only one to raise his hand.

    “And how many say nay?”

    The other four raised their hands.

    “The motion is settled. The curfew is to stay how it is.”

    At this point Fergo noticed Maverick, “Ah Maverick, come over here. We have some important news for you.”

    It took a few minutes for Fergo to relay his orders. As soon as he was done Maverick bowed, “As you command Orator,” He said.

    Fergo smirked, “You are released Maverick.”

    Maverick headed out of the room as the Council once again began to debate a new issue.


    Damon Malruth
    Location: Birch Enclave

    There was a loud buzzing as the red alarm clock began to flash. The Linoone on the bed groaned under the covers and pressed the pillow against his ears. When the buzz increased in volume the Linoone’s hand reached out and began to move across the desk until he felt the alarm and slammed down the snooze button. Letting out a loud yawn the Linoone’s head poked out of the sheets and his eyes blinked sleepily. He looked over at the clock and sluggishly slithered out of bed.

    He managed to make it to his sink in the next room and began to splash water onto his face when he cried out and quickly turned the dial to hot. It took a few seconds for the last remnants of his sleep to disappear. Damon raised himself on his hind legs and stretched his back. The Linoone’s room was a total mess due to all of the various gadgets he had collected during his life. His CD’s were cluttering his desk even though he had a CD holder that one of his friends had gotten for him during his last birthday, the wires and cables that connected his appliances were placed in various parts all over the floor causing him to step lightly, less his microwave or alarm clock come crashing onto the ground. All of the various clothes he wore throughout the week were scattered all over his steel floor but that didn’t stop him in finding his red scarf and wrapping it around his neck.

    He didn’t need to even look down to find where he always left his comb and dragged it through his fur. Unlike his room he took his appearance very seriously and combed through all of his fur at least three times before he was satisfied. He looked himself in the mirror and chuckled, “Damon Malruth you are one handsome devil!”

    Damon stepped out of his home and emerged in the middle of the dark cavern that housed the Mechanist city. Originally all of the enclaves had been on the surface and easy to find, which meant that the Knights constantly attacked them. Damon wasn’t one for history but apparently 150 years ago, or somewhere near there, their ancestors had had enough and had the cities moved underground. All he knew was that it took a whole lot of pokemon who knew Dig as well as a ton of psychics to lower the cities into the earth but all in all it was for the better. They waited ten years before they did the same with the other enclaves save the Cerulean one. According to legend the Knights were baffled when they couldn’t find the cities but still saw the Mechanists moving on the earth.

    The only way into the enclaves now was from a cleverly hidden hole that sloped downward into the earth and was large enough to fit in pokemon of any size. The holes were the main reason why the Declarum Forces was still needed. They couldn’t be completely cut off from the surface, it belonged to them too and not just to those in the Council Cities! The caverns had taken a full year to dig out but the time was worth the wait, or so Damon thought. With all of them living in the caverns the only one other way a Mechanist could be in danger was when they were moving above ground to go to another enclave, but even then there were Declarum Forces that would escort pokemon around on the surface. Damon didn’t know how many debates he had sat through about having tunnels created that would connect all the enclaves. Each side had valid points as to why and why not they were needed, but a majority of the Mechanists were fine with the current system and as long as the pokemon were happy then that was all that mattered to Damon.

    Damon moved through the bustling streets as those who had stayed up partying were heading home and shopkeepers were setting up their booths. Damon dashed through the streets giving greetings every now and then. The enclave itself was gorgeous. Most of the buildings only had one level but the colors alone caught his eyes. There were street lights erected in various areas that each gave off a different color. The buildings were in different shades of colors since the owners had free reign over how to use their property. Most of the business even had neon signs that advertised their wares with flashing lights. There were houses, food stands, medical clinics, churches, and all other sorts of buildings that housed various activites.

    Damon got through most of the traffic and arrived at the convention center. In human times this had been the place to be whenever community events had been set up, but today it was serving a different purpose. One he stepped inside Damon noticed that some food vendor had already set up tables with pots of all kinds of foods. And it was free! Right now there were only a few members of the Declarum Forces moving around. Damon noticed a familiar Blaziken and headed to the center table.

    “Hey there Urta! So, heard anything yet?”

    The Blaziken grunted, “Nope, the higher-ups are keeping us in the dark. Don’t want us spitting anything out too prematurely apparently. Get anything out of your mom?”

    Damon shook his head, “No. She doesn’t know anything either, which is strange since she always know everything.”

    “We’ll find out soon enough. So how many are coming?”

    Damon shrugged, “All I know that it includes all of the D.F. living here and any D.F. that were off duty when the command came. Must be pretty special if everyone’s called here, eh?” He poked her lightly with a claw.

    Urta growled, “Remember what I said last time.”

    Damon chuckled, “You wouldn’t do that in front of everyone.”

    Urta raised an eybrow.

    “…Again. Still, this is exciting! Doing something to change the world… I hope that it’s something big!”

    Urta grunted again, “Yeah, we’ll see. Not everyone’s here yet so we’ll probably wait a few minutes to an hour waiting for all the sleepy heads to come.”

    Damon nodded his head, “True, true. On a completely unrelated note I’m going to find something to eat!”

    The Linoone scurried off to one of the tables eager to fill his belly while the Blaziken kept busy looking like the imposing figure she was.
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