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    Originally Posted by Mac of York View Post
    Looks good -- congratulations. I had to think a bit about Porygon and Team Rocket, but in the original games it was a gift at the Rocket Game Corner and Bulbapedia notes that this could indicate possible Team Rocket involvement. Accepted
    I was going by the plot line of "Electric Soldier Pokemon" as described on Bulbapedia:

    as well as the list of Pokemon used by Jessie as listed on Bulbapedia [Jessie being my favorite team rocket member].

    Although since the episode was never aired outside of Japan, I do like your logic on allowing Porygon much better than using the episode plot line.

    On to the third challenge...
    Hmmm... Tough Choice... The Fairy Egg Group is my favorite, and many of them have gained a baby evolution later... Hmmm... So are we supposed to RNG the original Pokemon, or the baby form? I'm thinking between Pikachu, Cleffairy, and Chansey right now [even though I did a Chansey recently... I think I want to try to catch one with a Lucky Egg]

    Is there a way to RNG a held item? Is this somehow related to encounter slots, or is this an aspect of RNG we can't predict?