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Valorie Ryder

Valorie heard the teacher ask a question. It honestly sounded like a trick question to her. Wounds? Difference? There were different kinds of a wound depending on whether it was a person or pokemon? It sounded tricky anyway. She would've liked to answer, but the fact of the matter was there was no actual way for her to make an intelligent one. Regardless, her attention was grabbed when another girl approached her. It seemed she was being asked to be partners. Her avoidance skills had failed, not that she'd tried that hard. She hadn't been willing to make a scene or leave or anything like that. Her gaze turned to acknowledge Ruby with an expression of mild anxiety on her face. For a brief moment she was unsure how to respond, but she quickly forced herself to act, rather than look like a fool.


Glancing down at her hand, she made a fist in a testy manner before looking up at Ruby again. She supposed she was probably not going to like this, but if she went out of her way to avoid it she might not sit well with the teacher.

Olivia Wolf

Meanwhile, Olivia ... totes finished with class. Olivia made her way outside of the school, stoping to stretch and marvel at the prospect of an entire island to explore all on her own at her own leisure laid out before her. There was only one thing missing...


a gang of charismatic buddies to go adventuring with!


Elizabeth observed the class as they responded. Several students made some variation of an 'old pokeball' comment whilst some more vaguely responded that it was a pokeball. A couple still made the guess that it was some sort of recreation of an artifact, implying that it wasn't real. One student attempted to read her mind, and was greeted with a disturbing lack of a mind to read, it would seem. Though neither Elizabeth nor Takumi could properly identify such a thing, a temporal distortion was interfering with Takumi's ability to reach out to her psychically. A distant look appeared in Elizabeth's eyes. They'd all referred to the ball as ancient. She had always found that term frustrating. She briefly remembered some words of advise from another teacher: 'Think of it as ancient compared to /us/!'

"...Y-Yes, that is correct. This is a pokeball; it was made in... Johto!"

A brief flashback occurred behind Elizabeth's eyes of the first time she'd ever had to use the pokeball in question. It had been the first time she'd ever been faced with the prospect of needing a pokemon, namely for survival. Moving her hand to twist the knob on the ball it generated a sort of electric charge not unlike a car ignition to give the ball a spark of power. She did this several times before moving her hand back over the ball, placing her fingers on the three buttons and pressing down. The ball did not open, but a white light erratic light shot out from it taking form to reveal a meowth.

"Um... Compared to...your pokeballs... it's very good at... catching pokemon..."

As usual, she spoke in a somewhat delayed fashion, as if speech was honestly /hard/ for her. This time it was increasingly apparent, as if what she'd just said was especially difficult for her to formulate. Looking to the meowth, whom was beginning to stroll outwards towards the class, Elizabeth spoke up again.

"Now--you be kind, Meowth!"

Meowth looked up and Elizabeth paused. He knew exactly what she was talking about. It wasn't his fault he had a thing for the shinies! Hopefully nothing would... tempt him. It may or may not be noteworthy that Elizabeth's meowth definitely walked on all fours, seemingly out of preference. After a brief moment Elizabeth continued.

"W-we used to...make these ourselves...--in Johto."

The way she'd phrased that had been odd to say the least. She honestly wasn't really trying to hide her strangeness. She more didn't completely understand it herself.


Hilda had a couple of students pop up with questions regarding what exactly they were doing in the swamps. It was a good question, but a few students had left the room to grab boots.

"That's a good question, but I'd rather have everyone here before we get to that."

She casually moved to produce a single pokeball.

"Now, if some of you don't have boots and you're having difficulty finding a ride, you can still come along. I can spare some of my Pokemon."

She then proceeded to activate the pokeball she was holding, releasing a Darmanitan that promptly bounced on it's fists in an energetic manner multiple times, promptly flashing the a cheshire grin at nearby students with it's comically large, sharp carnivorous teeth. It was certainly a pokemon that discouraged attackers. and sleep

Meanwhile, several students had other personal questions for Hilda to answer, which she did until Alice managed to make it back to the classroom. Doing a mental headcount, she determined that she was pretty sure everyone she'd seen that had left had come back.

"Alright..! Now. Some of you asked what our goal is for today. First? Yes you will be training to adapt to dangerous or stressful environments. We will also be searching for a missing student..."

Her tone had rapidly faded into that of an all-too-serious tone... before immediately lightening up.

"...who volunteered to get 'lost' for us."

A groan came from a good portion of the class.

"Now I know what you're thinking! Yeah it's kind of lame, but the truth is that /actually/ getting lost in the swamps is..."

She hesitated to say the truth, her expression becoming momentarily troubled. It was kind of harsh.

"By the time anyone went searching for real, a day or two-- Sleeping in the swamplands is-- Everyone of us and our pokemon all look extremely... tempting to the wild pokemon. The chances of us recovering someone who was actually lost for over a day would be... very slim."

The emphasis was clear. This was not a place fit for human life. The water was far from edible and provided cover for known predators to sneak up on humans. It was a breeding ground for disease, which could quickly turn even scratches into death sentences if not treated properly. It was chock full of venemous pokemon, a good portion of them predators to humans. The only reason they were going was because of the nature of the class and because they were going prepared, supervised by a powerful and responsible adult who was trained to deal with all the problems the swamp could present. Overall, this actually lowered the risk of an actual fatality down pretty low, but the risk of someone getting hurt was still fairly high. On the other hand? People got hurt all the time. People tripped. People bumped into things. It wasn't really a big deal as long as no permanent damage was done.

"That being said... who's ready to /learn/?"

A big grin had materialized on Hilda's face. She had deliberately referred to their hard core class in a rather nerdy way.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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