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Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
Nice tutorial.
I will try this out without applieing JPANS engines too.
Well I tried this and it doesn´t work. I have made some mistakes. But you have to do the same things as you can see in JPANS engine. I mean you have to do the same things with the pointers, etc. All things JPAN have done in his engine with the OWs data and palettes, you must do, too.

@Cheve_X: Yes, I know it. But how can I use the palettes on the left side, which aren´t from any tileset? Or how can I use the last three slots on the right side. I have had a look on this with the VBA. I saw that there are only used 13 from 16 palettes. So it must be easier to use this last 3 palettes than using the last palettes from the tilesets. But how can I hack this? How can I use this "free slots"?

Sorry for bad English!

Maybe there you can find a solution for insert the palettes without any problems.
It´s a problem to load more than 16 palettes for the sprites. And how I understand it after read it is it impossible because of the hardware....
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