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    Alice Crenshaw

    Alice stood at the door, trying to catch her breath again. She would have spoken to Mark about the spare boots that she was holding in her hands, but her lungs were too busy at the moment to enable her to talk. With the little energy she had left, she walked over to Mark, and extended her arm, the one which held the boots, to him.

    "H-Here...Here...I extra pair..." she said, her voice muffled because of the mask she had over her mouth, "Give...them...back...later...k?"

    She dropped the boots next to him. She didn't think she could take much more. And if the swamp was as dangerous as Hilda said...well...that would only mean trouble to the red-haired girl. She walked over to her desk and sat down there very quickly, as if she was fainting. As she continued to gasp, she heard Hilda's words, saying they were going to 'rescue' someone in the swamps, and said more about how dangerous the place was. Although exhausted and a bit scared of the swamp, she nodded and raised her hand when Hilda asked who was ready to learn. It did sound nerdy, but it was the last thing on Alice's mind.

    "I...I'm in..." she said.

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