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“Well um… that was shorter then expected” said Isaac as he headed out the door.

Raizer trotted along beside him as they headed outside. As they headed down the hallways they noticed a lot of other classes still in session.

‘Guess we got lucky with that class then.’ Isaac thought.

The duo headed back to the dorm where Isaac grabbed his general equipment before heading back out. They’d gone to the woods yesterday, and picked up a new pokemon, so today they’d be training, training hard. The open plains would give them plenty of space to work. Isaac headed back down out of the dorm, and was going through the halls when he happened upon another boy just wandering around. Apparently breeding wasn’t the only one that let out early.

“Hey you. Got your pokemon on you? Cause I challenge you to a battle.” Isaac said heading over to the boy.

Training against wild pokemon would have to wait.
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