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Daniel Sabrak

Daniel listened closely to the teacher, waiting for the others to get back while fiddling with the mask in his hands, turning it around slowly. He glanced at the others who were still here briefly before looking back down. He always felt pretty awkward around others and this was no exception.

As the others had returned however, he livened a little up, happy at the sight of them finally moving out. He did however, go a little wide-eyed with worry at one of the students having gone ‘missing’, but quickly relaxed and let a breath of relief out as Hilda pulled through with her joke.

The small jest had made him a little more at ease with trudging through a swamp of all places, lifting a hand to scratch the back of his head awkwardly as she called out to them all, not knowing what to say.

“That being said… who’s read to /learn/?”

Her enthusiasm was nice, and he felt she was the kind of teacher he could go to if he had problems of any kind. Kind of like your mom, or your mom’s sister who tries to be a little too cool. It brought a smile on his face though. “I’m ready!”
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