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    "So are you going to Lethia?" asked Mr. Briney with his Wingull perched on his head. Kyleia tried not to smile as she replied, "Yes." She could hardly contain her excitement, yet she was able to reduce her excitement just to bouncing on her toes. "You're the second person who I've ferried over to Lethia you know," Mr. Briney remarked as the Wingull flew off, "The first man, I think his name was Eric or something like that, seemed very determined to win. But the people you're fighting in this competition are extremely tough and won't be easy to beat. I don't think many people will even survive in the conditions on Lethia. They say the Pokemon are very territorial here and will attack on sight. You'd have better be alert and stay vigilant or you just may not come back. Also, the weather is outrageous there. Or so I've heard. They say there could be a sandstorm brewing right next to a blizzard happening during a volcanic eruption. The way you're dressed right now isn't going to be enough for the conditions you're going to face."

    Kyleia shrugged it off and replied, "I've traveled throughout the whole Hoenn region. That's not going to scare me, except maybe the blizzards, but I've traversed the desert and conquered the volcano. I've stood at the top of Mt. Chimney and even went underwater. I've even befriended Ra- never mind. But the fact still stands that I'm prepared for this." Mr. Briney chuckled, "That's it? Seeing as how you've only been in the Hoenn region, I assume you've never seen any Sinnoh Pokemon or any Unova Pokemon right? You probably haven't seen many Kanto or Johto Pokemon either am I right? For your sake, I'll give you this new Pokedex from the Unova region. Someone left it here on accident and never came back. I'm sure it'll be in better hands with you." Mr. Briney handed Kyleia a dusty Pokedex with a couple of dents. "You press the middle button to open it," Mr. Briney instructed and opened the Pokedex. Kyleia scrolled down the list and exclaimed, "Over 600 Pokemon?!" Mr. Briney, with his gaze upon the horizon, said to Kyleia, "Yep! I've seen almost all 649 and you'll probably see many of them during your stay in Lethia. There's also one very special Pokemon that I've heard legends of that is exclusive to Lethia. But unfortunately, this old mind can't remember the name." Kyleia put the Pokedex away and decided to go to sleep until they got to Lethia.

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