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    Alexander Maximillian

    As people started waking up in the Birth Enclave, various noises could be heard from Alexander's garage. He had woken up about thirty minutes ago, working hard to repair his Boom Cannon. He had used it for practice last night, and the trigger, for some odd reason, became stuck after the first shot. It was no trouble to fix. A little oil here and there, a new spring, and a little tender care from the Aggron was all it needed. Quickly, he took the cannon outside and held it with his right claw. Pointing it in the air, he fired one shot, a loud roar being heard from the gun as a blast of air came out, causing the ground under Alexander to crack.

    "That probably woke some people up... Hopefully they won't be too mad at me if it did," said Alexander, walking back into the garage and placing the Boom Cannon above his two other cannons. He quickly hooked a line to the air tank on it, refilling it so it would be ready for use. Happy with his work, Alexander turned, only to see his mother standing there. Like him, she was an Aggron, however one could see that she was old, as some of the steel on her body had become rusted. At seventy, it was something that she was still alive, as most Aggron usually die before the age of fifty, for one reason or another.

    "Alex my boy... Don't you need to be getting ready? I'm sure you-"

    "Don't worry Mom, all I gotta do is wipe the grime off my claws. Remember, don't work on anything too big until I get back, okay? I don't want you to get hurt like last time."

    His mother just nodded and motioned for him to get going. As quickly as an Aggron could, Alexander walked into his home, made mostly of metal. Honestly, do you think anything else could hold up two Aggron? He quickly used a small amount of water to get the grime off. Looking in the mirror, he saw that he was overall clean. He polished the steel on his body last night, including his silver tail made of platinum and titanium.

    "Yep. Lookin' good. Maybe Syan will finally notice me for once," said Alexander, feeling his mind wonder at the thought of the female Meganium named Syan. They were good friends who spent a lot of time together, but Alexander likes her for more than a friend. Taking his mind off of that, he headed out of his house and began heading to where the meeting was taking place. Walking slowly, he nodded at several vendors and people, saying hey to those who said hey to him. The big softie even stopped to play with a rather brave Totodile who wanted to wrestle with the big guy.

    Within a few more minutes, Alexander walked into the building. Almost immediately he spotted Urta, one of the few Mechanists he has fought with the longest. Walking next to her, he grabbed a drink and gulped it down.

    "What cha know you old hen?" asked Alexander, a smirk clear on his face. He respected Urta as a warrior, a mechanist, and as a friend. This was how he picked at her. ((I hope Alexander doesn't get a roundhouse kick to the face.))


    Famidus "The Demon" Verruck

    As some Pokemon were just starting to wake up, Famidus was up already, having cleaned himself up and already put on his black as midnight armor with royal purple pauldrons. Although one couldn't see his face because of his large helmet, The Demon was smiling like he always did, ready to play... Although today wasn't a day to play. Today was a day to act normal as most individuals call it. Famidus, personally, hated days like this. He hated when he couldn't play with his toys.

    "I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE it when the council does this... Why can't I just go on my merry way and crack a few smiles, and skulls, as I go along? Oh yeah, because the Council is full of a bunch of killjoys!"

    Anger could easily be heard in his voice, but the smile stay glued on his face as a certain song became stuck in his head. He had heard it one time while killing some Mechanist children, not that the Council would mind. They wanted the Mechanists dead. Heck, Famidus was pretty sure he got a medal for what he did that day. Not that he cared. He got medals like candy... Oh sweet candy...

    "Mmm... Candy..." was all the crazy Darmanitan said as he walked out of his house, seeing the Charizard known as Candy across from him. Upon seeing the Knight-Commander, the Charizard's skin turned a shade paler and she quickly hid in her home. She was one of Famidus' favorite toys, however she broke a little too quickly for his tastes. Not that it mattered. He loved playing with her still.

    Walking along the streets, a few brave souls bowed to The Demon, while others hid wherever they could. The Demon did have a reputation, and there were rumors. While they WERE all true, no one could prove any of them. However, there were a few people who hid from him simply because of how he looked. In front of the sharp horns on his helmet are two holes where the flames from his eyebrows shoot out of, giving him an intimidating appearance whenever he wore the armor. Pleased with the reactions he received, Famidus decided to not visit any of these toys anytime soon.

    Soon, the doors of the Chambers were pushed upon as Famidus walked in. He let the Croconaw clean his feet and soon The Demon found a spot and sat down, keeping to himself as he took off his helmet. Keeping his helmet close, Famidus just looked straight ahead, the smile and crazed expression in his eyes never changing.
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