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    Jack Davis

    Jack frowned as he grabbed the map. There did seem to be a cave system underneath the island, which would be a great place to catch fire-types, but Jack saw what Shadoan saw. The island just wasn't on the region maps.

    "How can that be?" Jack asked, "Islands are formed when the ocean sea erupts and land is formed. The island has to be connected to the sea floor, there is no other way for an island to form. The beach itself is evidence of that. If the island was floating then how could a beach form? All the sand particles would have nothing to rest on and would just fall into the ocean. There wouldn't be sand to begin with!"

    Jack looked back at the map, "No, we can't be moving. It's possible that the map you got wasn't the current edition. There's no way that this island is floating. It would be impossible."

    Jack looked up into the night sky, "If we are moving, even at a slow pace, then the stars in the sky would look like they're moving, but they're not. They are still in the same place when I last looked up. Look, there are tons of crazy theories in the world Shadoan, but the one about this island floating can be disproved in so many ways."

    Charlie's suddenly cried out and lept up and got into a battle position. Jack sprang up as did the rest of his pokemon, "Shadoan, get your pokemon ready. Charlie is sensing something nearby."
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