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    黒心 キバ


    Kiba watched in the direction he sensed. His eyes returned to emerald and ice, and he watched in surprise at a Pokemon's cry echoed in the distance. They must be trainers... They could be friends... Or enemies. He looked to his friends. "That proves it. Ikimashou. let's go." He sealed the berry container and placed it in his bag, putting it on his back. He began to run toward the newcomers, Arcanine trotting close by, and Meloetta twirling as she follows behind Kiba.

    He reached what seemed to be two trainers and their pokemon. They seemed ready to fight, yet Kiba remained in a casual position, Arcanine standing beside him, and Meloetta peeking out from behind Kiba's leg. Kiba has jet black hair, medium-long, parted to the right side of his face; the back of his hair was in a wolf's tail sort of ponytail. His left eye gleamed emerald green, while his right eye glinted pale icy blue. His skin was pale, and he was wearing a black formal kimono with white lining, and wooden geta sandals. He bowed politely to the strangers. "Konnichiwa."

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