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    Ludo Linfoi

    Ludo Linfoi opened his eyes. It has been quite some time since he fell asleep. He was not on guard-duty last night, thus he permitted himself to retire from work for a little while and rest his weary mind and body. These pat few days had been uneventful. Except for some incident at the forest, no major encounters with the Mechanists had been reported. Which is a good thing though, albeit really odd. It's suspicious of them to keep to themselves for a little longer than a week. Those ruffians can't keep themselves still, and, once in a while, some impatient Mechanists will find himself in the presence of several Knights. Then boom! Bye life.

    Ludo stood up from his bunker and stretched his numb arms. He looked at himself in the mirror and slowly combed his blood-red whiskers. Looking good today, huh? He retreated back to his wardrobe and opened it. Ludo got his armor out, a blood-red armor, like the color of his whiskers. He likes the color red for some reason. Slowly, Ludo eased into his armor. Unlike other armors, this was very light, and only reaching up to his elbows, allowing his "sleeves" to fall freely. The Oram Berry shone in the semidarkness.

    "I'm good to go," Ludo said to himself. Even though the curfew is still on, he enjoyed the privilege to roam around the city, as it s guard. As usual, the whole city is silent. Not one leaf is stirring. The citizens were acting like good pets under the Council's care. Well, less trouble is good. Ludo is supposed to proceed to the Chambers. Along the way, he saw several Knights, all under him, doing guard-duty. He hoped their night was pretty much uneventful.

    As he reached the building, he saw a man-like shadow leaping from building to building before landing on the soft ground. He tossed something in his mouth and proceeded to the council gates. He was momentarily illuminated by a the soft glow of the moon. Caedmon Yeonart, the second in command. He went inside.

    Ludo followed. When he approached the gates, Caedmon was already climbing the high stairs towards the second floor. I'll get back to him later. Ludo nodded to the Croconaw, signalling him to start cleaning his feet. It was a custom among the Knights, though Ludo has no idea why and how it started. As the Croconaw finished, he pondered over where to go first. Up the second floor, or into the kitchen? Ludo's stomach answered.

    "Well, I'll just have to grab a few berries there," Ludo told to himself. He took the first right turn on the left side of the first floor and opened the second door on the left. There is but a single Knight inside, the Crustle nicknamed "Chef." Chef is known for his superb culinary skills.

    "Hi there, Chef," Ludo greeted as he grabbed a Pecha Berry from a basket.

    "Hi there, Ludo. I heard there was a meeting?"

    "Yup, was just going upstairs when I thought of grabbing something to eat. See ya', Chef," Ludo said. chef just nodded without taking his eyes off what he is cooking. For some reason, the smell reminded Ludo of a crispy custard cake.

    Ludo trudged upstairs, biting on the berry as he did so. When he arrived on the second floor landing, he saw Maverick Renos and Caedmon Yeonart talking. Ludo immediately knelt.

    "High Commanders,"

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