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    Ken Bala

    Ugh... Ken started to groan as he opened his eyes. He fell asleep in a tree outside the Cerulean Enclave last night. I don't feel like getting up on time today... I'll just Sneak into the meeting a little late. "No one... will notice...." And he was back out.


    Most of the citizens were only waking up right now, but she was out of bed and ready to go as she usually was so she could take a little longer to get prepared. She ate a big breakfast right after she woke, so it should last her until lunch, too. "Last quick check before I leave...." She stood right next to a window, specks of her fur sparkling in the morning light. Raising each leg she made sure each greave faintly shined with her claws. The green gem embedded in one of the greaves was clear, too. "Perfect."

    Alice walked out of her stone home to head to the Chambers, being greeted by few guards who seemed to respect her, since she somehow miraculously managed to make Knight-Commander, while others either hid or scoffed. She even heard a superstitious, gossip-loving pair of armored Chatot trying to mock her behind her back, "Why'd Arceus even put such a catastrophic species on this planet? And even worse, the Commander of all people actually put her in a position of authority. What could be worse?"

    "Those things are supposed to live up to a century, for one," the other replied. "And with that kind of lifespan, not just us, but our kids and even grandkids will be stuck dealing with..." and as Alice kept walking, they finally faded out. She was proud of herself. Not just because her rank, but because she could just live with all these people for so long without killing even one of them. Sometimes she wondered if the Mechanists were more open-armed. She quickly rid herself of the thoughts, though, knowing the result if she ever let them slip.

    When she reached the Chambers, a Croconaw offered to shine her greaves. The point of it she never knew (and any explanations didn't help), but she nodded for him to do so, glancing around in the meantime. She saw The Demon; he never seems to NOT have that madman's ear-to-ear grin. When he finished up, Alice looked to the stairs up and saw Linfoi on the landing, kneeling for Maverick and Caedmon.

    Don't, Alice irritatingly told herself, so she walked over to where Famidus was sitting. She gave him a short nod, and took a seat a couple feet from him. Guaranteed someone would think her insane herself just for voluntarily being within a mile of the Darmanitan, but she had to work with him anyways. Maybe his screwed-up logic could explain the shoe-shiner clearly to her, too, but she decided not to ask.

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