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Kilik Chambers

Hilda had taken out a Darmanitan. Those seemed kinda rare to Kilik. Were those that didn't have boots gonna go on him? Yeah right. Kilik already had a plan to have Mistress carry him, assuming she agrees to it. Kilik moved his mask around his neck. He'll put it on when they get to the swamp.

Were they reallly gonna go on a rescue mission? The area would be good training, but looking for someone who was 'lost' wasn't good enough for him. Finding Pokemon along the way would still work for him, but hopefully this class would end soon. The last thing Hilda said sounded nerdy. Er, ok then.

Were they gonna leave soon? They should soon. Some of the students here were eager to get going, at least to Kilik. "I guess I'm in." He agreed, not much enthusiasm though.

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