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The Raichu now sitting down on the floor next to Daniel, turned her head as Snype walked over to her, tilting her head slightly to the side while listening to him.

"So Alexis! Looking forward to this? I'm just worried that I'll fall off Mark and land right in the Sewer water. I'll bug him for a week if he does that... Hrm... you look like you might have a bit of trouble getting around the water... If I know swamp, then it isn't gonna do either of us any good..."

She sighed quietly and nodded her head, looking down herself. Her fur was going to get completely messed up and horribly knotted. Not to mention, she’d be up to her waist in muck, which she wasn’t happy with, as well as not being able to use her thunder attacks in water.

“Mmh… you’re right. I don’t really have any other options. Daniel would be completely defenseless if I don’t stay out and help out. But I –am- looking forward to going, of course!”

"Say... if your not too willing to go with Hilda's Pokemon... why not ask Len over there to help ya? He's actually Mark's first Pokemon believe it or not. Nice fellow. I bet he'd be willing to carry ya around the water. He's strong enough to carry you I bet. What do ya say?"

Lifting her brows slightly, she turned her head to look up at the Poliwhirl, having fought a few in her time, she was at least happy it was a Pokémon she knew. Still, riding on someone she didn’t know? Guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“You think that’s a good idea, Snype? I really would love not having my fur all dirty and mucky… it’d take –days- for me to clean it.” Her nose wrinkled at the thought, tounge pushing out of her mouth for a moment as she envisioned the taste of the muck. Yuck.

She glanced towards Len again before looking back at Snype, smiling to him.
“I’ll see if he wants to help me out. Thank you Snype. Are you looking forward to this, though? I know adventuring isn’t for everyone, but you seem like the kind of Pokémon who likes to see new things.”
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