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    N sorta watched all of the classroom as he waited to see what his students came up with. Looked like everyone was having trouble with it.

    He stopped and blinked though at Ciel's response. Yeah, apparently he heard it, and he looked a little surprised. A delighted happy surprised expression was what he had anyways.

    "Very good," he said to Ciel as he erased the set of four spots and left his original 7 questions on the board. He wrote in big capital letters on the board "How does perspective define existence?"

    After a bit of thought, he erased perspective and existence and wrote ideals and truth in their place so that the new question now read "How do ideals define truth?"

    "You see class. . . everyone comes from a different variety of experiences, backgrounds, and circumstances throughout their lives. Oftentimes because of this, we tend to fight one another because of what we think of as truth and what are different ideals are."

    He then drew a yin-yang symbol on the board, filling in the black spots where necessary.

    "You see. . . they are essentially like yin and yang. Opposites that coexist with one another. Neither can be around without the other there."

    He sat on the top of his desk and crossed his arms. "I'm not saying which is right and which is wrong. After all, last time I tried that. . . well a couple of kids close to your very own ages defeated me when I tried that some years back now didn't they? We all must make mistakes in life if we even hope to succeed. A victory can be a loss, just as much as a loss can be a victory. I may have lost that decisive battle over Unova some years ago, but it became a victory for me because I was finally able to realize I was being used as a puppet. Just the same, had a won that battle, I would have lost the peace I was hoping to give to the pokemon I was trying to fight for."

    Zoroark moved over to one of the switches next to the dry erase board and flipped it, causing the roof of the classroom battlefield to open up, letting in the bright daylight. The Dark Pokemon gave his sneer-like grin as he walked over to Kiyoko and said to the little Zorua, The fun's about to begin kid. Heheheheheheh~


    Kenshin had let out his Torchic from his pokeball, as well as Dratini to see just how his other two pokemon were doing since the battles last night. Torchic had a surprise for him today though. The moment he was let out of his pokeball, the small chicken-looking pokemon began glowing white, and then grew bigger until finally, he evolved into Combusken!

    "Torchic! Y-You evolved!" Kenshin gasped. It must've been from all that battling last night.

    Combusken formed a fist with his new. . . hand? and simply gave a cheerful reply.

    "T-This is awesome! You've grown buddy!" he said as he hugged his pokemon.

    Pikachu and Dratini were in a happy uproar over this as well.

    "I bet mom and dad would be happy to hear about this!" Kenshin said excitedly.

    Returning everyone to their pokeballs, Kenshin began to walk towards the academy. He wanted to get back to his room to nab his computer to e-mail his parents about it, only he stopped as he noticed Olivia coming out form the academy. His face flushed again. It was the cute girl he had hung out with last night, the one who he spent all that time with. Timidly he tried to walk up to her, and gave a small yet weak greeting. "H-h-hi. . ."

    He was. . . happy to see her. But still his shyness kicked in.

    Takumi Ryuuhiko

    Takumi kept writing down notes as Elizabeth spoke and as to how she activated the device in her hand. Takumi's eyes narrowed somewhat at the way she was speaking. Or more specifically, her word choices. He was becoming more and more skeptical of her as the class continued, but he wouldn't openly admit it. Yet.

    A Meowth huh? Thank goodness the only remotely shiny thing he had out right now was the metalic piece holding the eraser to the rest of his pencil. Even then he'd hope the meowth wouldn't try to mess with it. If not. . . he could still have Charmeleon or one of his other pokemon swipe it back for him.

    Granted on retrospect, Elizabeth had better control over the meowth and at best probably the meowth had better self control than THAT to simply steal a pencil out of one measly piece of shiny metal.
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