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    Did White on Blue Version. I decided to record the whole thing, so if anyone wants to watch it, its at here
    . Took just shy of an hour and a half. Butterfree/Dewgong duo, of course.

    Had a couple of wipes (both to Gary I think, if I just had two). The first was on Nugget Bridge, where Butterfree kept missing due to Pidgeotto's Sand Attack hax. The second was in Silph due to Exeggutor paralyzing me, and then I couldn't do anything against Alakazam. But once I got Dewgong, everything went swimmingly (oh that was terrible)

    First half MVP: Butterfree, obviously because I couldn't get anyone else.
    Second half MVP: Dewgong. I love Dewgong's sooooooooooo much.
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