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Alexisnodded faintly while listening to Snype, looking at him curiously.

“Daniel andI have been exploring, as much as we’ve been able to and we both loveexperiencing new places, seeing new Pokémon and amazing views. Daniel’splanning on heading out on his own as well, but no, we’re not used to being inswamps. Usually it’s rocky areas or the like.

The smilewidened a little, glancing up at Len the Poliwhirl. It would actually be verynice if she could avoid having her fur dirtied.. she might not always seem likeit, but she cares –a lot- for her looks, making sure her fur is neat and shinyand generally groomed. She already knew about how water and water-likesubstances usually guided electricity, but she thankfully had some non-electricattacks as well.

"Speaking of which... you said you wanted to askme something right? Whatwas it?"

”Oh! Well, it’s just that…” she paused, lifting a pawto rub her cheek a little, her tail swiping through the air a little lowerwhile her ears flatten just a little against her head, causing her to look alittle embarrassed.

“Well.. Daniel’s been pretty lonely lately. He alwayscheers up when I’m around, but I just think he needs more company. So… well,you were mentioning something about Mark going out later and catching aPokémon, right? I was just thinking… maybe Mark could bring Daniel along andhelp him catch a Pokémon? He never caught one on his own, but I think it’d begood for him, if he got someone else to talk to.”

She blurted this out a little hurriedly, smiling anembarrassed smile, her cheeks giving off a little spark. She clearly wasn’tused to asking others for favors like this.
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