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WatchingSnype anxiously, Alexis rubbed her right paw over her left arm, still sittingdown on her haunches while biting her lower lip a little worriedly. She didn’twant to come off as needy or overly greedy.

A relievedsmile immediately spread on her face as he agreed and gave her shoulder a littlewhap, which she didn’t react all that much to, other than with a small snicker.

“Yeah,definitely! Daniel can be a bit held-back, but he’s always there when you needhim, and we’ve both trained very hard, so I think we could have a lot of funtogether!”

She glancedover at Len as he was introduced, nodding her head a little, turning her headwith a blink of her eyes as the Ninjask bumped into Snype and began challenginghim, causing Alexis to giggle quietly.

As she leftagain, Alexis smiled warmly, nodding her head gently again. “Yeah, let’s hope.I’m sure he’ll be fine to be around, and Daniel needs to interact with othersmore, so heading out with Mark sounds like a great idea.”

She pausedfor a moment, her ears rising up again, twitching a little at the differentvoices in the room before speaking out again. “Thanks, Snype. Daniel means alot to me, and he deserves to have more friends. Besides, you’re really fun to hangout with, so we should be able to have some good times! Maybe we’ll have ourown little group to rival Mark’s, eventually.” She added with a wry littlesmirk, winking at Snype playfully.
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