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She let outa soft sigh at Snype’s easy-going mindset, rather happy that he didn’t think ofit as odd, her asking for help with her trainer. She lifted her brows a little,lifting a paw to scratch her neck.

“Really? Wehaven’t been in any battles yet. Me and Daniel arrived last night… but we havesome decent strategies none the less.”

She snappedout of her thoughts as Len approached, seeming just as shy as Snype had toldher. She turned to him and pulled off what she hoped was a friendly smile,looking up at him, the smile fading a little as she heard about his badexperiences.

“Oh, I’msorry to hear.. but I can safely say that I don’t plan on hurting you.” Shesmiled slightly wider, not daring to give his arm a pat, so instead she simplynodded a few times before glancing towards Snype and back to Len.

“Yeah, Iam. We were talking about the trip to the swamps. Should be really interesting,don’t you think? Actually…” she cleared her throat a little, her ears layingdown again and the embarrassed smile flaring up on her face again.

“Uhm… well,Snype said that if I wanted, I could try and ask you if you would want to..uhm, help me through the swamp. I, uh, I mean… I’d have a way easier timegetting through, since… well, I’m not that tall. Do you think I could ride onyou through the swamp…?”
She watched him a little anxiously, her tail swiping a little up and down, slightly quicker now. She was hoping she wasn't insulting him or anything like it, trying with another little smile.
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