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    黒心 キバ


    "Are you in the league or just here to train?"

    It seems like everyone is on such high guard around here, he thought silently. He brushed his hand through Arcanine's fur, and the Arcanine tilted his head closer to the hand. "Namae wa Kiba desu, my name is Kiba." He scratched the Arcanine's head as he continued, "This is Flare, and my smaller dancing friend is Mello." Flare barked in introduction, and Mello peeked out from behind Kiba's leg.

    Her hair was bluish-green, a clear indicator that she was shiny. Her eyes also had a pale purple color instead of the usual blue. "Oh yes..." He pulled the black and white egg out of his pack, surprised to see it had changed color, to purple and pink. "And I also have an egg that has not yet hatched." he held the egg, while Flare and Mello remained close. "Oh, and as for what I am doing here? I'm adventuring in a place I've never been to before. I didn't come to train, but I might not say no to some friendly sparring. I did come in search of adventure, as well as new people, and possibly friends."

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