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    The alarm clock on Seth's bedside table rang loudly as the yawning Flygon exited the steamy bathroom, a towel hung on both sides of his shoulder. Even after the shower, he was still feeling a great deal of sleepiness. He stepped lightly around his room--there was a great deal of machineries laid out on the stone floor, most of them being brought out there purposefully for Seth to study. Even though he was being as careful as any sleepy oversized Flygon could, he eventually did trip over one, his head landing on the towering scraps of metal beside his fireplace. A loud zap followed, as a bolt of lightning fired towards the Flygon's belly.

    "...Ugh. Stupid Shock Gun." Seth mumbled to himself, before getting up, using his scrawny, scaled arms as support. Luckily, being of the Ground type, the Shock Gun had no effect on him apart from the slight black mark visible on his belly. Scratching his head at the mess he made, he brushed off the burn on his belly, which went away in a second. He arranged the pieces of metal back against the wall, covering the Knights of the Oran platemail hung on the side of the fireplace. He quickly mumbled a couple of prayers to Arceus and Articuno, before heading towards his humble house's exit.

    Sliding his Flamethrower and Boom Stick on either of his shoulders, he opened the door and felt the musty cavern air immediately greeting him. Feeling the cold chill his spine, he grabbed the scarf hung on the side of the doorknob that faced the inside of his house and wrapped it around his neck. Only after that did he walk out of the house and sauntered down--flying wasn't an option in this state--the alleyways that led to the convention center, struggling to stay awake. Of course, the blinding street lights helped him keep his focus, but it wouldn't take a minute for Seth to let his drowsiness overtake him again.

    "Hey, rise and shine, sleepyhead," a Braviary, flying downwards towards Seth to nudge the Flygon's head with his clawed foot.

    "Huh? Uh, yeah..." Seth briefly said, before closing his eyes again. (he's still walking, mind you!)

    Somewhat annoyed, the Braviary swooped down towards the aimlessly walking Seth and, this time, plucked him between his eyes, before soaring to the sky as quickly as he could.

    "AGH! THE HELL WAS THAT FOR, SHOOTER?!" Seth roared, furious at the aforementioned Braviary. Seth quickly soared after the Shooter, winds blowing with each wingbeat, a testament to his determination to roast Shooter alive right then and there.

    Shooter let out a hearty laugh, flying in circles around the cavern's spiky top with an angry, but very much awake Seth on his tail. At the speed they were flying, it wasn't surprising that they reached the convention center. Shooter landed near the entrance door and motioned for his best friend to stop, still laughing uncontrollably. "Okay, like, stop, dude," he said, inbetween pants and laughter.

    Seth wouldn't listen. He swooped down quickly and swiped his tail against the Braviary's belly. He hit a cavern wall, but he was still laughing. "Okay, fine, I deserved that," Shooter said, wiping the tears he got from laughing so hard.

    "Sure did," Seth replied, smiling. He was feeling better after hitting the Braviary--wait, does this make him masochistic? Oh well, who cares.

    He entered the building and helped himself to a vegetable salad. Carrying the plate on his hands, he sat down at the table closest to where he was and began eating.

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