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Jack Davis

Well, Shadoan seemed to be on edge and Jack was too. After that fight they had in the forest there was no doubt that there would be others who would try and take their badge pieces by force. The guy's name was Kiba and he had an Arcanine and a Melloeta. Jack was pretty sure that his pokemon had his back and the guy said that he was here just to see new things, but still Jack knew nothing about this person. There was also the chance that he was just a trainer like them.

"Well, we already have a small fire going. You and your pokemon are welcome to join us. It's dangerous roaming the forest at night." Jack didn't want to be outright rude to the guy. Still, he knew that his pokemon, especially Charlie, would be ready for anything and they had more pokemon than the Kiba so that was another advantage they had. If Kiba did give off a wrong vibe then Charlie would let him know.
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