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    Maxwell listened closely to Byron, expecting some sort of long explanation showing that it mattered which species of Pokémon, its size etc. So he was a bit surprised how short the answer was. 30%? That sounded pretty resonable in Maxwell's ears, regarding that an Arnorith could be revived from simply having its claw and putting it in a form of restoration-machine.

    Next was that Gen kid, he asked about if there really was such few exctinct Pokémon that people currently knew about. Maxwell thought about it, well there were a lot of unexplored places in their world. For example, what was beyond Unova? Could there be a underground cave-system right below Johto? Really, the possibilities of what might exist were endless. There were probably lots and lots of undiscovered places as well as Pokémon. Byron adressed this too, however he did it in a fossil-manner.

    Maxwell started to drift off a bit, thinking tht there might be fossils of Pokémon in the very core of the planet. Nah, that was a bit hard to belive. But Maxwell continued to sit at his desk with a plain look on his face and a sleeping Slakoth placed on his head. He had not heard what Byron had said, at all.
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