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Alexis continued looking up at Len, trying to be as welcoming as she could, though it was clear that the Poliwhirl was unsure of what to do. He seemed sort of afraid and nervous at the same time.

As he nearly shouted out his agreement, it caused Alexis to blink a little in surprise, her ears twitching before letting out a little giggle, waving a paw dismissively with a warm smile.

“I’m sure you’ll do your best, and as long as I’m allowed to, I can just ride on your back. I’m pretty good to clinging onto… well, anything, really. And no, like Snype says, I’m not going to electrocute you, or anyone else. Wouldn’t be that good an idea anyway in a swamp.”

She smiled warmly up at Len, glancing towards Flora as she stepped closer, quickly waving a paw at her. “Hey Flora! Yep, just about set. It’s going to be exciting! Len here promised he would help me through the swamp without having to run around in the muck.”

She nodded up at the Poliwhirl and turned her head back to him, a bright smile on her lips. “Thank you Len. I owe you one!”
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