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    I'm good with having our pokemon talk. I've been in some RP's where I've had to do that. As for our pokemon both of our SUs are listed on the first page of the thread in the RP Corner but here's mine for convenience sake.

    Pokemon Team:

    Alpha (Hypno/Male)
    Dream Eater
    Calm Mind

    Being Jack's first pokemon Alpha considers himself the cream of the crop. He tends to act as a leader among his fellow pokemon and becomes annoyed with any who dare to challenge his position.

    Bravo (Banette/Female)
    Shadow Sneak
    Shadow Ball

    Bravo likes tricks. Despite Jack's best efforts all he could do was curb Beta's behavior so that he or his other pokemon are not the targets of Bravo's pranks.

    Charlie (Kadabra/Male)

    Charlie is as uptight as a pokemon can get. Beliving that psychic pokemon are of a superior type he will refuse to speak to any non-psychic pokemon. It took a while but Jack was eventually able to get Charlie to start socializing with the rest of his pokemon, but that's was as far as Charlie would go. Outside of Jack's pokemon non-psychic types won't get so much as a glance from Charlie.

    Delta (Gastly/Male)
    Confuse Ray
    Night Shade

    Delta shares many characteristics of Bravo. Both enjoy pulling pranks on others and while Delta has more control over his tendencies there will be times that Bravo can rope Delta into helping her with one of her projects.

    Echo (Sneasel/Female)
    Icy Wind
    Faint Attack

    Echo is the shy one of the group. She will show her wild side in battle, but outside of the battlefield she will clam up around strangers and will stay near Charlie as his attitude will usually drive away other pokemon.

    Foxtrot (Sableye/Male)
    Night Shade
    Faint Attack
    Shadow Claw

    Being part ghost Foxtrot too feels a need to pull pranks but thanks to Jack's strict discipline the sableye no longer feels those cravings and instead focuses his time on training. He is considered Jack's secret weapon due to him having no weaknesses against another type.

    Edit 1: Forgot my appearance, lol:
    Jack stands at 5'3". He has brown hair and eyes and wears a white shirt with blue jeans. Whenever he travels he carries a backpack to hold all of his supplies.