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    Luna Dyseris

    Boom! A cannon went off in the distance and shook the messy room. There were herbs and vials and bottles all over the place. As soon as the cannon sounded, a couple of vials fell off the stand. As they were about to hit the ground, a light blue aura surrounded them as Luna threw her blanket off of herself. "Trigger-happy Alexander," muttered the annoyed Kirlia with lavender horns. The medicine and half-finished projects realigned themselves on the stand as she stood up. Still a bit sleepy, she put on her sash and bracelet before walking over to the stand. She checked herself in the mirror, picked some of the medicine up and put them in her pouch, and then she sent a prayer to her mother. Right at the door, her alarm went off, which forced her to go back and turn it off.

    Walking outside of her room, she saw a couple of Pokemon getting out to check what the noise was. Apparently the noise was now getting on some of the newer Mechanists. It didn't happen often, but it happened enough for it to be annoying. What ticked off the Pokemon more, although most wouldn't admit it, was that they weren't able to use them. Luna didn't care; she didn't like to fight and doesn't want to. To her, the cannons were just a toy as she hasn't really seen Alexander ever use them seriously. A very well-kept toy, she had to admit, but a toy nonetheless.

    Today we have to go to the convention center, Luna thought to herself, I wonder what it's about? She walked down the empty streets with only some early-bird shop stands. The residential area where she lived wasn't that active in the morning when dawn breaks, not that she knows when it's dawn anyways. Living underground has some perks, but there are also downsides to everything. Although the place isn't that active in the morning, it's like a festival when the sun goes down. But for some reason, there was no action last night.

    Eventually Luna got lonely on the road and decided to teleport there. Before she was able to, however, she was stopped by the voice of her friend Snover. "Wait! Don't go yet!" he yelled before he tripped, rolled, and stopped at Luna's feet.

    Immediately, Luna was on her knees next to the injured Snover. "Are you okay Jun?" She used a Heal Pulse on Jun and he was back up in no time.

    "I'm... fine," Jun replied in a shaky voice. He almost fell on Luna, but caught himself at the last moment. "I'm just a little confused that's all." Luna gave him a Persim Berry and looked him over one more time to make sure he was alright.

    "Why did you just suddenly call out to me like that?" Luna asked incredulously, "Especially since you were running as fast as you could?"

    "I just was too lazy to walk to the convention center so I wanted to ask you if you could teleport me there," Jun said as he brushed some dust off of himself.

    Luna frowned. "You know I'm not good at teleporting with another Pokemon yet right? We could end up somewhere completely unknown. Are you sure you want to do this?" Jun nodded (Snover can nod?) and the two got on their way.

    After successfully teleporting the two to the convention center and a short lecture (You got lucky that I didn't go somewhere else on accident!), Luna went to get something to eat and pass the time until the meeting started.

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