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    Originally Posted by Mattxy8 View Post
    Yea, I don't feel like using the thread search, I don't want to go through 37 pages of crap to find 1 thing. I prefer to just post and get a reply. oh and, butthurt?? Gee, how original. You're so clever. The funny part here is that you made an attempt at insulting me because you know you're in the wrong here. Which is a clear sign of monkeys shoving a banana in your ass.
    Wait, hold up a second. You didn't feel like clicking the simple search button at the top of the thread and typing 'download' to find multiple posts telling you what you want to know, yet you had the energy to use ctrl+f, type the exact same thing, and then write a whole post asking a question that has already been answered?

    Also, good job of copying and pasting exactly what I wrote verbatim. Good to know your ctrl+c and ctrl+v shortcuts are working. However, I'm afraid your suggestion of my insulting you is incorrect. I was merely pointing out how your response made you sound very clearly butthurt. The monkey thing was a clever twist, but rather inappropriate, as I am not the kind of person who enjoys that.

    Oh, one thing I did actually want to say about the game that I forgot when Matty-boy posted: that title music is very VERY nice. A little bland in the middle, though. But that extended bit at the end was positively brilliant. I'm super pumped to hear more of the music you've made for this game, tobinus!
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