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    Originally Posted by HeroesAndCons View Post
    Wow, this looks amazing, I can't wait to play this!

    I have a question though - when it becomes available to download, will you also make a Readme available which lists all the Digimon's Base Stats and locations?

    And what do you have planned in place of Legendary Pokemon? Perhaps the Digimon Sovereigns, or maybe the Royal Knights?
    Thanks for the enthusiasm

    I'll try to release as much information as I can, but I don't think I'll release the base stats. You could easily check them out in YAPE, but typing them out one by one will take a bit too much time. I might though if I get bored enough. I will definitely let you know where and how to get all the Digimon. This may or may not include moves lists, digivolution levels, TM/HM compatablilty, EV's, etc.

    For legendaries so far I have Calumon and MarineAngemon. They'll be replacing mew and mewtwo. I've already tried resizing two of the sovereigns, and to my dismay I couldn't get them to resize very well, even with a large amount of editing. It will take a better spriter than me to get legendaries like them in place. As for the Royal Knights, they will be obtainable only through digivolution. The won't be catchable in the wild, but for instance you could get Gallantmon from Guilmon's digivolution line around level 60.(This isn't final of course, as I still haven't decided at which levels the champions, ultimates, or megas will digivolve at.)
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