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Jericho Heiko: Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio (United States of America)

To make a story short, Jericho could describe teleportation as... Terrifying. It wasn't what he saw, fore he didn't see anything. He was going to fast for anything. It was like a blink but... Longer somehow. He didn't know how to describe it at all. This horrible feeling had come to him. Like something was horribly wrong. He could feel it in his stomach and then throughout his body. This feeling of panic like he was about to be ripped apart, turned to shreds, die in some horrible, inter-dimensional way. He almost felt like he was being ripped from where he was, dragged faster than the speed of light to another location by an unknown hand. It felt like he'd slip from that grasp any second and land by himself somewhere horrible where bad things happened. He could hear it, what would happen. Hear things around him but not know what it was. It was like a screaming, some unnatural screech and caterwaul sounding about. Whatever it was, it sounded like it was Hell. The more he heard it, the more he wanted to pull away and run back. He couldn't, though... And it took so long.

It all stopped, suddenly. It was quiet now, peaceful, dark. The change had been too sudden and Jeri felt another emotion coming up his bowels. Then, he felt a cool breeze. Jeri opened his eyes, seeing himself completely somewhere new. It was winter, here, wherever he was. He felt confused for a second, flustered. He couldn't fathom why he was here. Didn't he just...? He tried to remember the past horrors, but nothing came to him. All he remembered was that he was with Peter and then he'd opened his eyes here. His shaking, something he wasn't aware he was doing, stopped as he realized no danger was present. That feeling in him subsided and soon everything seemed to be normal, discluding the sudden change in location. He grinned, laughing a to himself.

This was awesome! Who ever got to teleport? Well, Jeremy of course, but... Ah, who cared about specifics? He just teleported! Jesus! He felt like one of those futuristic dudes! He wondered how much fun Jeremy had with this. He probably did it all the time! It was f***ing spectacular! His smile faded a little without his notice. Something in his mind disagreed.

Dread came over Jericho for a moment. The feeling, he couldn't place it. He pushed it down without a thought. They had ended up in what seemed like an alleyway. The noise of some cat came out from behind him. He jumped, not expecting it at all and then took a deep breath to calm himself. Stupid cats, he thought. He smiled mentally, reminded of his own cat. A kid passed by the alleyway entrance, not noticing them at all. Jeremy told him to follow. Jeri raised a brow. Where were they going? And where were they in the first place? He had a mind to ask, but something told him that he shouldn't just yet.

They came up behind the person that had walked by the alleyway and now stood still at the bus stop. He raised a brow, wondering where on Earth they were going next. They stopped at the bus stop, waiting, he supposed, to go somewhere new. He became distracted to his surroundings when he felt that annoying feeling on his stomach again. A feeling that had plagued him since the beginning of the week. That itch. It prickled at his stomach, only in two specific places, begging for attention. He grimaced and tried to ignore it. Stupid tattoo... Marking... Thing! Why did it have to exist? It's start up only made him think about this waiting. He got irritated then. If he could teleport, what was the point of going to a bus stop!? Jericho looked at Jeremy and opened his mouth to speak. He didn't get a word in before the watch rang, he felt Jeremy touch him, and that horrifying sensation was back.

Next thing he knew, Jeri was suspended in the air. Actually, the ground was rushing towards him. He landed on the ground with a loud and painful smack!, right on concrete. He jumped up immediately, making an exclamation of pain and a curse.

"F*cking... Christ!" Jeri held his nose in substitute for everything else on his body that hurt. His nose felt like it'd taken the worst hit and luckily it was the easiest to reach. It didn't seem broken. He looked above them from where they fell and then down at Jeremy. Jeremy had cried out and Jeri thought he deserved it. He had the mind to kick him right in the ribs. Instead he scowled and yelled at him. "What the Hell is the bi--" he stopped his oncoming rant by a sudden shadow over him. There was a man there with them... Not just a man. Men. There were three. One short man in the middle and two flanking his outsides.

There was something about this small middle man. He stood out much more than the average person. He didn't even know him, hadn't even seen him before and yet he could see he was important, feel it even. Something about him mad Jeri's natural bravado cool into weariness. He looked at the kid they abducted, then at Jeremy. His eyes looked doubtful for his earlier decision. His eyes snapped back to the suited man when he began to speak. He was told to sit and he stood there for a moment, not moving. Another look to Jeremy gave him a nod. Things would be okay if eh just sat down, it seemed to say.

Jeri did as he was told and the suited man began a spiel. He felt a ripple go over his skin, making him suddenly hot and then suddenly cold when the man spoke his name. It was weird that he already knew him... That people he'd never seen already knew him. It was creepy, unnatural even. It made him want to run in the other direction. The man started talking... Talking with this sort of tone Jeri could tell wasn't right. His words were sincere, telling them, him and "Mr. Stevens", about the jobs they would do about his job. Jericho frowned when he mentioned babysitting. His bravado came back and his anger went up a bit. You can't babysit people you kidnap. Okay, he sort of volunteered, but this other kid... Mr. Stevens? He didn't exactly agree to this.

Jeri had the urge to get up and punch this guy in the face. Babysitting. You can't call it babysitting if someone was taken against their will. He wasn't going to play this whole kidnapping thing but... Come on. These people were getting on his nerves. It was like they were trying to say he was a burden. He spat out his last word. Atlantean. A small shudder went through Jericho. He could tell now he wouldn't like being called that. He'd lived as a human for nineteen years and now they wanted to tell him he was something else? No, he wouldn't accept that. Not readily, at least. He was a human a week ago and he was a human now. He wasn't going to change because of some stupid tattoo. Mentioned now, he was reminded of the each. It was coming back again and worse than ever. He winced, gripped the arms of the chair, and gritted his teeth. This was going to be hard to ignore.

This whole thing seemed like it would be a fun challenge, but now as Jericho got into it, it seemed like it would be quite the opposite. These people were going to drive him crazy if they were going to keep up this... Attitude. He wasn't planning to stay here anyways. Why even go into the scheme?

"How about no," Jericho growled almost on purpose. He gripped the chair harder, winced, and made an aggressive frown. It was hard keeping himself from twitching and fidgeting over this itch. It was even harder to think. He managed to get thought in his head... Ones seriously considering how bad this deal probably was. This suit guy didn't look like he was the right person to pick as a friend and the whole organization as a whole seemed shady. It made him question Jeremy's character, he seemed like someone who was probably nice even though he scared the **** out of him earlier. That didn't seemed to fit very nicely now. He stole a glance at Jeremy, wondering not only how he could put up with this, but if he was really all he seemed to be.
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