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    Need any new RPers? I haven't been on this forum in over a year, but I'm only a little rusty. I can RP just fine.

    Name: Ness

    Gender: Male

    Species: Espeon (duplicate species are okay, right? I noticed the other Espeon)

    Human Age: 15

    Appearance: Ness is as average an Espeon you’ll ever meet. He is a little slim, however, a reflection of his physical frailty.
    Side/Type: Loner (Yes, like the other Espeon. Shut up, it’s not on purpose)

    Personality: Ness describes himself in a simple manner: Neutral. Good and evil are simply stereotypes, and he conforms to none. He is intelligent even for his species, and able to use his psychic powers adeptly. If he seems overly snarky and arrogant, then you simply aren’t looking past the surface. Fearing rejection, he simply overlooks what he perceives as sly jokes at his expense, and ignores many people’s genuine attempts at socialisation. Thus, befriending him is tricky unless you have something in common with him.
    If you do somehow manage to get past his flaws, he is a trustworthy pokemon and worthy ally on the battlefield.
    However, when he was separated from his trainer he retreated even deeper into his cold façade, and guilt plagues him alongside grief, and surprisingly anger. Good luck winning him over.

    Background Story/History: Ness was raised a fighter, in a distant country known as Unova. Born, trained and evolved in captivity, his very being owed itself to combat. Days consisted of battle after monotonous battle, slowly optimizing his skills in the areas he was naturally proficient in. He appreciated and remembered all the many acts of kindness he received, and gave a little extra in return.
    Eventually, he became curious. Who was he, really? A bigshot with nothing to his name? As he began to wonder, his trainer (named Lucas) began to notice. At first it was little things, like a visit to the Pokemon Musical (Side note: He quickly discovered what people call stage fright). Then it began to scale up. Spectator for sports. Traveller of cruises. Visitor to the mighty Unity Tower.
    Then came that time of year when the marvellous ship, the S.S Anne arrived in Castelia port. It promised a worldwide cruise, stopping in every major region on the planet. His trainer once explained to him that one of his distant relatives lived in Kanto, and potentially Ness’ as well. So, they visited, Ness and his combat buddies, little knowing it was to be the worst holiday of their lives…
    Now separated from his trainer and fellow team members by a vicious attack, he roams the streets, eking out a living.
    Human Weapons: Not applicable

    Moveset: Calm Mind, Psyshock, Baton Pass and Morning Sun.
    Currently doing nothing.
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