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"Hi!!" Kerin spun around hastily, trying to cover up his failure, which didn't really work. You could easily smell the stench of smoke, especially with noses like theirs. He could probably smell smoke from last week in this room if the servants weren't so good at their jobs. And it wasn't like Marisa cared that much about Kerin's level of magic. He had told her how terrible he was, it wasn't like he was going to get better overnight. "Kerin-sama, I had more visions last night! Uuu. Wanna hear?"

"Sur--" he didn't get to finish before she moved on.

"We’re gonna be dressed up really nice and go to an interview with a bunch of people! And we’ll have designers! And---" she suddenly started laughing and glanced over at the front door. Kerin made a face as she placed her hand on his shoulder. What was going on? Kerin remembered for a second that she could see the future but... what? "I wish you luck with him, Kerin-sama?"


"Anyways, we’re gonna have this big meal afterwards, and tomorrow we’re going into the arena. It was really pretty! Mountains and ruins and lots of rivers and trees!"

Kerin sighed heavily. The area. Marisa seemed quite chilled about it but his heart did flips as the day loomed closer and closer. He had only been here a day and soon, he would be forced to kill another. Something he wanted to avoid doing. Though, if it was to protect Marisa, he would beat any damn guy into a freaking pulp.

"That sounds nice," Kerin said, shrugging. Honestly, he didn't really want to talk about it. Instead, he stood up, waving at her to gesture he'd be back in a second. He wandered back into his room, into the enormous closet that he had chose his clothes from last time. Like last time, he picked something simple again; a long sleeved, red and white shirt, dark cargo pants and another grey hoodie. He went back out into the living area and instead of joining Marisa, he walked over to the door, pointing at it and waving at her to come over.

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