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    Any comments, feel free, as it would be great to be given a chance to improve as a writer, lets begin:

    Chapter 1- Drought

    For the 40th consecutive day, the sun rose over Johto. For the first few days of sun, families took the chance to go on holiday to Cianwood for a weekend at the ocean. However, crops soon began to wither, and water supplies had dried up. People were having their water Pokemon taken away so that they could be enslaved for a water source. These Pokemon began to die of exhaustion, and the whole water supply was passed over to Goldenrod. Everywhere else in Johto was left without a steady water source, and with Goldenrod refusing to share, the human death toll soon shot up into the thousands.

    In New Bark Town, Ross Ancholada awoke into his own puddle of sweat. He stood up, his breathing raspy. He shoved on a t-shirt and shorts, and went downstairs to grab a glass of water. Stumbling into the kitchen, Ross turned the tap. Nothing. He frowned. How was he supposed to pick a Pokemon today being so dehydarted?

    He went back upstairs, and slipped back into his bed. He rolled over to check his clock. 7:30am. He was too excited to sleep, and too thirsty as well. The young boy shot up as his door creaked open, and a cheery, smiling figure stood in the doorway.

    "Ross!" she exclaimed, steeping into the roasting room. Her vest top was sweaty too, and she looked like she had just walked though a desert.

    "You had better get prepared, your going to receive a Pokemon from Professor Elm today!" she reminded Ross, who gave no reply, instead choosing to grunt tiredly at her. His mother took the hint, and walked down to the kitchen.

    Ross opened his curtains, and the blinding sun immediately bathed his room with a bright light. He struggled to look out. As far as he could tell, nobody dared to step outside into the warmth. Ross closed the curtains again, and went downstairs.

    As Ross entered his kitchen, he found his mother, who looked clearly stressed out. Her hair was untidy, and sat over her face. She tucked some behind her ear, which revealed her dry, raw skin.

    "Mum, whats the matter?" Ross asked, curious as to why his Mum was so distressed. the last time his mother looked this bad was when his Dad died when Ross was very young.

    "The tap wont work," she replied.

    "And? Not a big deal, it will be back,"

    "It means that they've cut off the water to New Bark"

    A tense atmosphere filled the room, and Ross didnt know what to say.

    "So, what would you like for breakfast?" his mother asked, immediately trying to change the subject.

    "Just some toast, I'm not that hungry" Ross said, as he walked into the living room. He searched for the remote for a couple of minutes, finding it under a cushion. He turned the television on. Ross let out a sigh. More headlines about the drought. Since the drought began, there was almost nothing else to watch.

    As Ross took a seat, his mum walked in with his breakfast. Ross thanked her and took a bite, all the while watching the news.

    "This whole drought situation is a disgrace," his mum complained. Ross said nothing, knowing his mother would have more to say about it.

    "It doesn't make sense," she continued. "Why don't Goldenrod share their water? And how did it even begin? I swear this weather can't be natural," she said. Now that his mum mentioned it, the situation was extremely odd. Ross took another bite off his toast.

    After half an hour of sitting and chatting with his mum, Ross had finished his breakfast, and was ready to leave. Ross' mum lead him to the front door, tears beginning to form in her ocean blue eyes.

    "Ross, I want you to promise me something," she began, her tone of voice sounding very serious. "As soon as you can, get to Goldenrod and stock up on water," she said.

    "Don't worry mum I will," Ross replied.

    "Good, now, you better get going," she said, opening the front door. "I love you son,"

    "I love you too," said Ross, hugging his mum. He let go, and exited the house. He turned around, his mother still standing at the door.

    "Go on," she urged. "Go live your dream!"

    And with that, Ross ran to Professor Elm's lab. The only sound he could hear was his shoes thumping off the dirt path. No Pokemon were around, or humans. Ross arrived at the lab doors, feeling nervous for some strange reason. Ross shook it up, and entered the lab.

    "Hello?"he inquired, not receiving an answer. He closed the door behind him, and looked around. The lab was eerily dark, the curtains closed to block out the sun. Wallpaper was peeled, although in the dark it seemed more sinister, almost as if someone had clawed the wall to shreds. Ross began to notice a strange smell that was wafting through the lab. As Ross walked further in, he recognized the smell. Blood.

    His whole body froze with fear as he looked round the corner. There was Professor Elm, lying motionless on the cold lab floor, blood dripping from a nopen wound on his head. Ross let out a quiet gasp, and ran over. The blood was still fresh. His body froze with fear for a seond time as he heard a click. It was a sound he had never heard, but it could not be mistaken for anyting else. Someone had just reloaded a gun.

    "We have a live one here"
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