Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
hack looks great. keep it up the hard work:D
nice new screenshots. nice tiles. & congrats on another award :d
Thanks! And what do you mean by another haha, this is the hack's first award lol.

Anyway! Guess what time it is? Adventure Time! ...nope, wait, I meant SCREENSHAWT TIME.


Yeah, dass right. :P Major thanks to diegoisawesome for all the help inserting this beast, and, of course, thanks to Mastermind_X, the mastermind behind (damn son, look at that phat rhyme) the whole code for this puzzle. Once I find the location of the graphics used in this puzzle, I'll edit it to something more suitable: perhaps a Spheal? Anyway, yeah, this is some of what Chapter 2 has got for you.

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