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    Jack Davis

    (OOC: Italics is translated pokemon speech. Only other pokemon can understand this speech.)

    Jack smirked, "I guess that means the egg is closer to hatching, eh? By the way the hypno over there is Alpha, the banette is Bravo, the gastly is Delta, the sableye is Foxtrot, the kadabra is Charlie, and the sneasel is Echo. I wouldn't recommend getting near Charlie or Echo, they're... not very good with strangers. Bravo, these guys are untouchable as well." Jack turned away as he heard the banette let out a pitiful cry.

    "Don't worry about that, she gets mad if she can't prank anyone. Anyway you were talking about giving us some help. Right now we're on a job to find some starters for a professor. We need a fire-type, grass-type, and water-type for some new trainers, but we can only catch them with these pokeballs. These are unregistered so they won't be teleported to a PC. Well, since you're with us we can probably undertake another job."

    Meanwhile Alpha was speaking to Bravo, Delta, and Foxtrot. After a while he nodded his head and headed over to Flare and Mello "Hello there. As my trainer has already told you my name is Alpha. These are my teammates... and the ones over there are my teammates as well. I wouldn't suggest greeting them. Charlie is a bit... big-headed and Echo is very shy."

    Bravo chuckled, "Yeah glad to meet you two! I'm Bravo! We would know each other a lot better if my trainer would let me do it my way."

    Delta just agreed with Bravo. Foxtrot bowed, "A pleasure to assemble with the both of you. It is always a delighting occurrence to greet new arrivals that we happen to convene with on the thoroughfare."
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