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    (OOC: Two L's in his name xD)

    Randall gave a small depressed sigh at that. "Oh well. Looks like I came here for nothing then. What a bummer."

    He crossed his arms behind his head and started to turn around. "And I was hoping for a somewhat exciting day too. Oh well. If you really have some other really important things to do you might as well go do them."

    He then placed his fists on his sides and began to look around, starting to ask himself, "Darn. . . what else could there possibly be to do today, Gallade? Scarlet and her leafeon just took out the main thing on my to-do list."

    There's always looking for some more food or finding a few other pokespirit users in danger, Gallade responded.

    "Maybe, but the hard part is always trying to find those things," he said. "Maybe we should just head back to Eterna forest."

    That might be for the best, Gallade replied.
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