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    "...I don't like people dieing, especially when they kill each other." Kilik said quite suddenly. Kat nodded. She doesn't understand why he doesn't, but she can let him fret about it. "Okay. Think what you like." (Sorry about earlier. I didn't mean it. All of it anyway.) "It's okay Candle. I understand you. Bad life leads to bad memories." Candle nodded and formed beside her, walking next to her leg. Only Kat could see him though. She was the only one who could notice how his fur glints a deep purple in the moonlight.

    Kat could see Kilik is arguing with his Spirit. She argues with Candle too, but they resolve it quickly. Kat grabbed Kilik's sleeve and when he gave her attention, she said "I am gonna explore. See you some other time. Thanks for the escort." Kat laughed and walked away. She might look for the ghost boy. Or maybe trick someone to trust her again. Hmm.... So many choices... While Kat was thinking, she noticed a trading stand. It had a wide variety of fruits. Kat smiled when she creeped closer to it. The person there was talking to a woman that looks about 15-17. The lady noticed Kat but ignored her. Kat grabbed a few Oran, another Kelpsy, a Cheri, and a Pecha. She stuffed them in her jacket, shirt, pockets, and held a few in her mouth. The boy saw her but Kat ran into an old looking building. She raced to a corner and started eating. A day of walking, and no food. She was starving!
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