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Scarlet Johnson

When Randall turned around Scarlet quietly sneaked towards the border of the roof, she looked down, the building was huge! Scarlet gulped, she turned to look at Randall again then turned to Syrena. "It's so high!" She whispered loudly to her Poke' spirit. But not to loud for Randall to hear," It's just like climbing a tree, don't worry Scarlet. You'l be down in no time." Scarlet breathed. Syrena was right, since her spirit was a Leafeon she was good at jumping and landing on her feet, like cat-pokemon such as Syrena. Not stopping to think, Scarlet quickly looked at Randall then back and without further notice Jumped down with her arm's tucked in together and her eye's closed. When she opened her eye's, she was on the ground. On her feet. Without being hurt.

"Hmph. You were right." She muttered Syrena."Woa, deja vu." Not caring about what happened, Scarlet casually walked away from the Prison. When she made it to the door, some of the Free Spirit Wielder's were still there. But Alessa wasn't. "She didn't wait..." Scarlet whispered to Syrena, a little sad. Then almost immediately Scarlet turned jolly again, "Oh well. It was fun spending that time with you. Till we meet again." She said out loud./ But now what should we do? If Alessa was still there she would ask her if maybe she would like to come travel with her, but she wasn't there. And there was no-one else she knew to ask. Sighing, Scarlet started to walk towards the forest. Syrena followed, floating in the air beside her. "So what will you do now?" She asked, letting her tail swoop against Scarlet. "Sleep at that Oak you showed me."

Syrena didn't reply to her, all she said was 'meh' really quietly.

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