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Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 official thread!

This is the official TF2 thread. It is a fun FPS cartoon like game made by Valve. Here we will discuss matches, clans, trading, hats, weapons, and all other things TF2 related.

What is TF2?TF2 is a free to play game on Steam. The game is made by Valve. It is a cartoony like FPS. In it you can play as different classes, which all have different roles in gameplay. You can customize your classes with different weapons, hats (really cool things your character will wear, makes you seem like a boss.), and other items. You can trade these things in game. You can also craft items, find them randomly, or buy them in the store. There are many community made maps and items, too!

What can we talk about, exactly?Well, if you are looking or selling an item in game, you may say it here. If you are looking for someone to play with on certain gamemodes or something, you may say it here. If you have any questions about the game, say it here. If you want to talk about crafting, say it here. If you need tips or want to give tips, say it here. If you want to talk about certain items, say it here. Pretty much anything TF2 related goes here.

And there is now a Steam Group for this thread! It is called: PC TF2 Forum. Search it, and I will hope to see you there soon! Okay, seriously! We need everyone to join the Steam group. Here is the link: Hey, and we need to be more organised. Post your steam name, and we will all add eachother. Or, you could just join the Steam Group!!!!

Have fun on this thread, and have fun playing TF2!!!!!!!!
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