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    Originally Posted by Silent Memento View Post
    Let me think about the identity of the newcomer. Female ghost-type? Incredibly old? Different from all of the others? New to the hunting ground? If I were to guess the identity of this ghost, I would say...Skuld. If I'm right, things are going to get very interesting. If I'm wrong, things are still going to be interesting because I'll likely get to learn about a new character.

    Puck somehow managed to get Kester, Sapphire, and Felicity imprisoned and left them there to rot...did I mention that he's one of my favorite characters ever?

    Wait a minute. You said that dragon rush has seventy-five percent accuracy? ...Insert swear-filled ranting and raving here.

    As always, I'll be waiting for the next chapter to arrive when it does.


    Thanks. I predict a little more delay before we see a new chapter - an idea for a different story has gripped me by the throat and I can't rest until it's done - and I appreciate your patience.

    And yeah, 75% accuracy. It's really, really annoying - but really good when it's my Garchomp using it.

    Originally Posted by olih View Post
    Who might this new ghost be...? I noticed you forgot to italicize some of Mismagius's speech, but other than that, great chapter! The reintroduction of Kester, Sapphire, and Felicity was interesting.
    Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out. I'll go fix it right away. As for the trio from Guide... they're not done yet. They're actually quite important to the story. As is pretty much every character I've introduced.

    You know, eventually, every character from The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World and My Trip to the End of Time, by Pearl Gideon will recur, even if only in an incidental role. It isn't random people who have adventures; some people are born to strange sights, things invisible to see, and have to ride ten thousand nights until age snows white hairs on them.


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