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Originally Posted by loucas View Post
did my TID
took me three times to get it right. the reporter's telling me wrong initial frames


also did my starter
Slick the Snivy

Lv. 05
OT:Loucas ID:00331

thanks to blade and mac for some pointers
Congratulations! It feels good to RNG abuse your starter

Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Post
Thank you Mac! And nice captures. I see they're all OT Hoshi. Familiar OT. >.>
Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I named her after Hoshi Sato from Star Trek Enterprise

Originally Posted by RingoH View Post
Morning All!!! I've worked two double shifts this week, and have another double shift today so I don't think I'm going to have time to complete this challenge. *cry*

Here's what I'm aiming for if I find time on my dinner break [not likely]
I'm trying to breed a Pichu with Volt Tackle. Since I do my breeding on Diamond I traded a Pickachu with Volt Orb from my HeartGold over. I have a Ditto with a perfect HP, and 29 in SA. I have a Raichu with 29 in Speed. I haven't picked a spread out that I like yet. But I'm going for a Jolly nature just because. And I care more about Shiny than the final IV combination. I'll keep you all posted. I get out at 11PM tonight, so I may just be coming in under the wire.

Congrats everyone on your recent RNG's.

Cheers, Ringo
Uh oh, good luck in getting it done in time! I know how working a lot is though Take it easy.

EDIT: I present my 200th RNG abuse... and since it's such a special occasion, I wanted to do something special (and not the most moral). I injected this Wondercard into my Soul Silver <.<

Mew ♁ Lv. 5
OT: FAL2010 | ID: 10160
Nature: Bold
Ability: Synchronize
IVs: 31, 6, 31, 31, 31, 31 Dragon 70
EVs: Untrained
Moves: Pound, ***, ***, ***
Not For Trade