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    Jack Davis

    "Well, I thought it was necessary for trainer's to carry pokeballs? I don't see any ranger gear on you, unless you have it hidden. So, if you are a trainer, how did you get those two to follow you? How do you keep them safe? Instead of bringing them in a pokeball to a center you'll have to carry them." Jack was confused on that last part. If Kiba had a large pokemon such as that Arcanine over there, how could he possibly get him to the pokemon center quickly?

    Meanwhile Alpha smiled at all of the other pokemon, "Alright, let me see if I got this down right. Flare, Mello, Stella, Avaith, Ulla, Light, and Jev. Glad to meet you all." Out of the corner of his eye Alpha could see Mello moving toward Echo and Charlie. He forced himself to stay where he was, Mello would get the message soon enough.

    "So, how did you all meet your trainers? For me I was my trainer's first. Met him in the laboratory to be picked."

    Bravo crackled, "I met the both of them on a dark, stormy night. They had gotten lost in some woods near the tower I lived in. Oh, I had a lot of fun that night!"

    Alpha snorted, "Yeah, lots of fun scaring us almost to death."

    "And it was so hilarious!"

    Delta smirked, "I lived in the tower too!"

    Alpha smirked, "Yes, caught both of them at that tower. Charlie was caught thanks with Bravo's help and for Echo we happened to go to Johto to take on some gyms and came across this cave that all these weird ice puzzles. We caught her with little to no problem. She was kinda weak already."

    Foxtrot stepped up, "I suppose that leaves my tale the last to be reiterated. I was but a humble and less enlightened Sableye living in a cave that happened to be used as a shelter for them one day. Of course, in my primitive mind, I used that opportunity to delight in my various antics. But, now thanks to my trainer, I have gained an immense understanding in the appropriate actions a ghost of my caliber should undertake in, not what I want to undertake in."

    Bravo crossed her arms, "And that's why you're a traitor to all ghost kind! Let me ask you this, what ghost uses words like caliber or immense? Jack got you to change, but he won't ever get me!"

    Alpha nodded, "Yes, of course Bravo. You keep thinking that. So what are your origins friends?" He asked the other assembled pokemon.

    Unlike the friendly atmosphere taking place with Alpha, Charlie and Echo were just sitting near each other, not bothering to talk to each other. Echo knew Charlie would just ignore her, but still, he was really the only protection she had. She was gravely mistaken when she noticed Mello moving toward her, "Hi." While she may have been trying to be friendly it gave a different meaning to Echo.

    The Sneasel froze and spoke in a stammer, "Ch-Ch-Charlie, ge-get he-her aw-way. Pl-Please!" Echo was shaking but the Kadabra looked at Mello and smirked, "Ah, a Meloeetta. A pokemon who can achieve the higher form of a psychic type. Please, sit and meditate with me. It has been some time since I have had the courtesy of speaking with another psychic." Echo's eyes bulged, "Cha-Charlie, please. Se-send her a-away."

    The Kadabra completely ignored the Sneasel. Whimpering, Echo moved to a tree and sat with her back against it, taking in deep breaths to calm her nerves.
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