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Knight Ribibin - Markus
The morning came too quickly, for Ribibin's taste. She drowsily opened her eyes and tried to see straight. Failing. Just a few more minutes... that is what she would have been thinking if she had been a slobby, lazy knight. But she wasn't. She was an eager, ready knight who always followed orders. Even when she felt that her judgement told her not to.

So the Weavile got up from her simple bed and got ready for the day. The last procedure before she went out from the room was to put on the armor. It glimmered darkly in the strangely dark silvery color it had. She even giggled a little when she put it on. The armor was marvelous. It had been a gift from her old martial arts teacher when she was a teenager and was finally allowed to become a real Knight of Oran for the first time. Her old teacher had passed away now... but the armor still stayed strong. And so did she.

Not letting herself become gloomy by sentimental thoughts - that would be unlike her anyways - she finished up by putting the headband with the jewel around her head. The headband had never fallen off. That was why she dared to wear her jewel there.

The air was fresh when Ribibin stepped out from her house. She took a while to taste the smells of the stone town. No interesting smells, really. Nothing she hadn't felt before. Judging from the light in the sky, she was on time, but no need to linger for longer than necessary.

It wasn't long until she reached the council building; the largest building in town. She nodded at the guards, giving them each a strange smile. She usually did that, liking to confuse silly males with her charm. She didn't even have to try to look pretty. A woman acting smart against them most often made males confused long before they had time to really react and get angry with her. And by then, she was usually long gone.

Inside, she was approached by the footwasher. Without giving it a second thought, Ribibin casually put up one foot after the other to let them be cleansed... from whatever they needed to be cleansed from. Ribibin always took great care for her personal hygiene. Compared to many males she knew...

Something suddenly splashed up at her leg. She looked down to see a Totodile who was now very red faced. It hurriedly finished washing her other feet and then ran back from the corner it had come from, still embarrassed. Poor thing, the Weavile thought, but smiled smartly. He must be new, unevolved and all. No matter, nobody had been killed from a little water splash on the leg, had they now?

She caught a glimpse of the Grovyle Commander, Maverick, as he started walking up the long stairs to the Council Chamber. A snicker couldn't help but escape her lips. She was actually glad that she wasn't a commander sometimes. Those stairs would be killing. At least they gave him good exercise every morning. Instead of following him, she went to the hall where pokémon served breakfast for the knights every morning. She helped herself to a piece of bread and some salad - she preferred healthy food - and sat down alone on a bench, watching the rest of the room as she ate. She normally preferred sitting alone, as she didn't have many friends among the Knights... and since she didn't want any anyways. At least she pretended, even to herself, that she didn't.
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