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    Nikolai Afon - Somewhere over Europe

    Nikolai nodded at Annie as she suggested getting Helena something to drink. She pointed towards the front of the plane, near the cockpit, where there the kitchen was located. As Nikolai walked over to the kitchen, Helena asked a question that had been bugging Nikolai for quite some time too. "Annie... when we get to France... what will happen with me and Nikolai?" She seemed a bit hesitant when she asked, but who was Nikolai to judge. As Nikolai was looking through the various cabinets trying to find glasses, Annie started to answer.

    "Well, I'm not usually the one in charge of handling new recruits," Annie once again turned back to her computer and started typing away again. "But, as far as I know, when we get to HQ, you will be going to do some training so that you can get a better hold of your ability." Nikolai absently wondered what his training could be. Annie seemed to know a lot about technology, maybe she would train him. But he decided not to press the issue for now. He would know eventually. Opening one cabinet, he grinned. Russians loved alcohol, or at least he did. In moderation that is. He was still feeling a little bit shakey, maybe he would poor himself some vodka if he could find some. Or scotch would do. He closed the cabinet, letting himself finish with Helena's drink before his.

    Nikolai fished a glass out of one of the cabinets and opened the fridge, opening a bottle of spring water and pouring it in to the glass. Helena hadn't specifically said what she wanted, so he supposed water was the best option for now. As he finished pouring, Natalia stormed out of the room in the back of the plane, and headed straight for the cockpit. A few moments after she passed by Nikolai, Atticus followed, looking rather dejected and depressed. After what Nikolai had heard from the back room, he wasn't suprised.

    Nikolai walked over to Helena and placed the water on the table next to her. She was still talking to Annie. Nikolai heard Annie ask Helena about her ability, and he decided to not disturb them in their discussion. Meanwhile, Atticus plopped himself down in one of the chairs. Nikolai went back to the kitchen for a moment, and fished around for some scotch, then took out a couple small shot glasses. Then he walked back out and sat next to Atticus. "You look like you need a drink. Want some?" he asked as he poured a bit for himself.

    *OOC: For the record, Nikolai is not an alcoholic. He, like many Russians, just enjoys alcohol.
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