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    Originally Posted by sonic1 View Post

    Well, either way of doing things, if you want to create a completely "custom" pokemon, you're gonna need ASM.
    My approach is: why don't you build a system that, when inputting some values in the ram, reads them and does things based on them?
    Did you know that VBA's Memory Viewer has the ability of loading hex data into ram offsets? You could create your .raw/.bin files and ask the player to load them manually with vba.

    But yeah, thats only an idea i have.

    I already knew that I'd need ASM, and I do have a plan on making this work...Each letter has a byte value, and I want to make the keyboard thing store a byte value to certain variables (0x8000 to 0x8009 come to mind). The all you need to do is create a certain code, e.g the first two bytes determine pokemon species, etc. etc, put in some checks, and then voila, the Pokemon is created. I've already studied extensively on pokemon data structures, and JPANs hack engine makes it easier...simply give a "base pokemon" (aka Bulbasaur), use the special that "unlocks" the pokemon, and "push" the values from the variables to the corresponding bytes. All I need to make is the keyboard store each letters byte value into a variable.

    I realise that simply giving a .raw file would be simple, but I dunno, I kinda want it to look nice, keep it interesting, and make it so even the noobiest of rom hack players could obtain my events, and I'm sure almost everyone can input some codes.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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