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    There's just one problem with that. What about people that use hardware (ie. A Flashcard) and not VBA?
    Well... Yeah, i admit, it isn't good for those, but you can just do an action replay that overwrites the values in RAM.

    I already knew that I'd need ASM, and I do have a plan on making this work...Each letter has a byte value, and I want to make the keyboard thing store a byte value to certain variables (0x8000 to 0x8009 come to mind). The all you need to do is create a certain code, e.g the first two bytes determine pokemon species, etc. etc, put in some checks, and then voila, the Pokemon is created. I've already studied extensively on pokemon data structures, and JPANs hack engine makes it easier...simply give a "base pokemon" (aka Bulbasaur), use the special that "unlocks" the pokemon, and "push" the values from the variables to the corresponding bytes. All I need to make is the keyboard store each letters byte value into a variable.
    Well, you know, its fairly easy to use the naming routine (the keyboard thing). Its just calling the routine with 2 parameters plus 2 optional (optinal depending on the type of usage = player, pokemon, box, mail). R0 is type of naming/usage, and R1 is the adress in RAM where the input is gonna be stored! This is a valuable info for you. You can store the adress of the var 8000 there and it will store 10 bytes (max letters) from the initial address onward (thus ending in var 8005, if i'm correct).

    But hey, don't try to put everything in just 1 input. Make 3-4 inputs depending on your needs. I doubt 2 bytes are enough to store a pokemon species using the keyboard, because the keyboard doesn't have access to 255 different symbols (ok, what i'm tryin' to explain is a bit hard, and i don't know how to explain it well).

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