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I've been fiddling around with special 0xC2 which apparently hatches eggs, to try and create a 'force hatching' scenario.

The special alone (in a script) seems to only work if 'egg' is the only thing in your party. Having 2 eggs in your party - only the first one will hatch. Having any pokemon in your party and a " - hatched from the Egg" message will occur, giving you the option to nickname 'egg' but having no effect.

The normal egg hatching script:

#org 0x1BF546
msgbox 0x81BFB5A MSG_KEEPOPEN '"Huh?"
special 0xC2
I tried using Special2 and set the store variable to 0x2 to see if it could 'select' the correct position for the egg, if it was 2/3rd in the party. However the only change this made was the egg then hatched to ??????, which then got nicknamed, but the eggs stayed in the party still.

So is it possible to use the special / special2, in co-ordination with writing a byte or calling forth a variable to then either pick what the egg hatches into, or what egg hatches.
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