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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Try decompiling the pointers to that script/the few bytes around the script and see what you find, maybe those pass the parameters to the variables...
Hmm the pointer to the egg script lies at 0x6d71c, the only data string that is just before that pointed to a script with the line 'fadesong 0x9AOD' which as far as I know doesn't exist - so looks like egg hatching is controlled by ASM.

Does anyone know where Egg-Step information is stored?


Been looking for possibly Egg-Step info, can't seem to find it anywhere o_o nobody lists it with species/etc. data, and I have looked around the areas with it to no avail (For example, I'm assuming Pikachu will have a value of '15' somewhere in it's data to signify 21 cycles for hatching. If that value was momentarily set to 0, I wonder if the egg would insta-hatch.
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