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    Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
    I really like the idea of the branching digivolution - great for the replay-ability factor and pretty unique among hacks.

    The screens look good so far, although the mapping could maybe use some work, although I know you're focusing on the scripting/mechanics more at the moment.
    Yeah the digivolutions will be the main focus. It adds more to the process of "catching them all" because you have to keep your eye on EVs almost all the time if you want a specific digivolution. Otherwise you can just enjoy the little bit of randomness that the casual players love.

    The maps were really just so I could get a leg up on posting the hack in the first place, and to get a little bit of practice in before the real deal.

    Originally Posted by Nemisis View Post
    um another question?if its ok?..... will the digimon reach mega form?? or just the 3rd form?

    hmp this game makes me curious..
    and also i made a banner for you but the problem is i dont know how to insert it here.. =(
    All questions are welcome Most Digimon will reach Mega level. All the digidestined Digimon will (Agumon, Gabumon, Renamon, Veemon, gomamon, etc.) and A large majority of the rest will. Certain Digimon don't have known digivolutions, or only digivolve to a certain point (MarineAngemon which is a Mega that has no digivolution, All the Armor digivolutions as they only digivolve once, Calumon who is similar to MarineAngemon, so on and so forth.)

    I'm glad you're interested. If you PM me the link to your banner I can post it in the OP and credit you.

    Update: I'm finally making a Devimon sprite. I have the front and back finished. I'll have the side finished tonight, and maybe start on the movement frames. This is just a little sidetrack from the battle sprites, which I have been working on for a few hours today.
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