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Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
I understand completely what you mean I had planned to make the script something with a maybe 4 or 5 inputs...I wanted complete control over species, IVs, moves, item held, and possibly nickname. How do you recommend I make this work, however? Would I have to make an ASM that just puts the ram offset into R1, then call the normal nicknaming special?

This brings up something else...If I just use the nickname keyboard, the text says "[pokemon's] Nickname?". If it's not hard, I'd like to make it say something else on it, otherwise I'm sure I could live with it.
Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
I think the egg to hatch is stored in a variable...I think it's 0x8004, but I don't know for sure. You wouldn't use special2, because that just specifies where the output goes, not what the input is. I believe the slot number of the egg is stored to 0x8004, and the egg hatch special is called.
You are right, 0x8004 0x1 hatches an egg that is 2nd in the party, etc.

The only trouble now is identifying where the egg is. I've had a look at JPAN's Pokemon data decryption thread from years ago, in which he has a routine that can return a species, even in egg form - but that can't give a permission.

Ideally something like

Check (egg) species -> Locate species -> setvar 0x8004 to position

Especially if it's a one of pokemon, so there can't be more than one, so there is no trouble in accidentally hatching a normal pokemon instead. Anything to identify where the egg is would be a great start ><.
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